Tuesday, December 23, 2008


It's almost Christmas Eve and life is still life over here. I'm about half way through the wrapping frenzy. I found all but one gift. I think there will be just one duplicate this year. The special surprises are all set to happen. There are still cookies to make. We'll dig out of the snow to go to church.

In other notes our dog is going for her post op check up tomorrow and I'm hoping she'll get off bed rest. She did manage to eat an entire package of chocolates and a box of holiday tea tonight. A very bad diet for doggies. So, after her little scarfing escapade she got a lovely hydrogen peroxide coctail. Cookies successfully tossed, she is resting comfortably and will see the vet in the morning. At least this time it was a small box of chocolate. Last time she ate over a pound of chocolate.

The Christmas cards were delivered today, so I'll be addressing envelopes Wednesday or Thursday. I haven't sent cards in years and years, so this is a big deal. No letter, of course, but at least a snap shot of the kids.

There are plenty of things on the calendar for the next week, so we'll be plenty busy. Seems things like foster care don't take the holiday's off.

We'll be busy. We'll be happy. We'll be singing praises for an unbelievable year and all the things we can't even begin to imagine that we know are just around the corner.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.
See you, in the morning!

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