Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Toilet Paper Post

Every family blog needs to have at least one entry about toilet paper, right? So here's one for this year.

Today was a typical Saturday for us. The Mr. did the first round of errands with half the kids and I did things around here with the babies. After lunch it was my turn. I get an opportunity to run errands with no kids. If you've ever grocery shopped for a big family with more than one kid helping you, you understand what a tremendous blessing this really is. All that shopping "help" can sometimes make even this mom come unglued.

Anyway, today I saw something at the grocery store that made me laugh out loud in the aisle. I know I laughed because another shopper turned around to see what I was laughing about. Not a lot of laughing happens in grocery stores on Saturdays.

What was so funny?

A company is marketing seasonal toilet paper. It was printed with snowflakes.

Now, again, if you have kids, you already have enough toilet issues in the house. Printed toilet paper will not help.

I have two "big" boys and I can hear the conversations now.

"I just wiped my butt with snowflakes!"
"How many?"

And from there? Well, let's just say things would go down the toilet...or at least I would really be hoping for that!

Where will it end? After the snow flakes will we see Valentine's hearts? Ewe. How about leprechauns for St. Patrick's? Easter bunnies? Or worse yet Jesus on the cross or Jesus risen from the tomb?

Seriously, no good can come out of this.

Seasonal toilet paper.

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Karies place said...

LOL on your comment. That would also happen in our house even with teens. lol