Thursday, December 4, 2008

Yesterday afternoon Little Miss decided she could make the dog smell better. She poured a full bottle of garlic powder all over the dog. She started right on top of her head and made a nice straight line all the way down her back, right to her tail. Stupid dog just sat there.

Our home now has that fresh scent of garlic. No vampires this week.

She is getting her 2 year molars among other issues and is just a bucket of fun these days. There is little sleep happening around here and it shows.

In the short stretch of time between when we should lay down for a nap and when we really NEED a nap I was blessed with yet another art project. No, it's not quite as wonderful as the hot pink felt tip mural on the dining room wall, but it's something. Today she added to our collection a nice yellow and brown design on our love seat. Good thing those sofas are older than our oldest kid or I'd be a lot more excited about it.

We're officially on Holiday Break. The blessing of home school, we set our own calendars. We didn't take much time off since the start of the school year with the plan that we would go on break from Thanksgiving until New Years. As the teacher, I always plan more than we can comfortably do in the time allowed. That means when we get to a stretch like this of "break" there is some "catch up" to be done. The trick is getting it done while the kids are still thinking they are on vacation. I'm trying to get them to do little bits here and there, sort of the way I do school anyway. It sounds sort of like this, "Sure you can go play in the snow right after you give me some grammar work." or "PlayStation? Sure, right after you give me some math work." Over all, it works pretty well.

There is little protest because they believe they are getting off easy and getting what they want. In the end it's a win all around. The work gets done, they get to play or something of their choice and the learning slides in on the sides. All good.

Back to teething toddlers, not pretty kids, not pretty.

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Sounds like life is pretty "exciting" right now lol