Friday, February 13, 2009

10 for 5

It's a sort of Valentine I guess. 10 things I love about the top 5 in my life.

The Mr.
1. Still makes me laugh out loud after 20 years.
2. Handles all the finances so I don't have to.
3. Awesome daddy material.
4. Builds a great fire.
5. Walks the dog in the cold and rain and snow.
6. Indulges me.
7. Is the best listener in my life.
8. Prays with me and for me.
9. Takes out the trash.
10.Makes the coffee.

The Little Mr.
1. Very persistent.
2. A creative spirit.
3. Big hearted.
4. A survivor.
5. A passionate reader.
6. Honest.
7. Is a night owl.
8. Wants to do, see and be it all.
9. Believes in the impossible.
10.Is a remarkable big brother.

The Littlest Mr.
1. Can make anyone smile.
2. Is a happy person.
3. Loves his sleep.
4. Likes to fall asleep holding mommy or daddy's hand.
5. Super athletic.
6. Loves most foods and is an adventure eater.
7. Has a very high pain threshold.
8. Adores his big brother.
9. Loves on the Little's in just his own style.
10.His amazing blue eyes.

The Little Miss
1. Declares us HER momma and daddy.
2. Whispers I Love You in my ear when I get her dressed.
3. Adores chocolate.
4. Is both artistic and athletic.
5. Sings and dances for the whole family.
6. Always, always wants to help.
7. Loves to be outdoors.
8. Gives me "hair do's".
9. Strong willed.
10.She choose us.

Little One
1. His laughter.
2. His smiles.
3. His super good nature.
4. His determination to do what the big's are doing.
5. The way he cuddles in when you pick him up.
6. The way he splashes in the tub.
7. His resilience.
8. His playfulness.
9. How easily he is comforted.
10.The way he falls asleep in your arms when you stroke his hair.

There you have it. 10 for 5.

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