Monday, February 16, 2009

Cold Coffee and Parenting Books

We survived Valentine's Weekend.

Oh, wait. That's probably not the way Valentine's is supposed to go.

But this is life with kids, folks, so away we go.

The Little Mr. planned the family Valentine Day.

Over all, it was pretty sweet. I know, I know, punny. Not.

Can't help it, The Little Miss is on a helping bender, including helping me drink my coffee, so I keep hiding it away to keep her from actually drinking it or spilling it and then I forget I was drinking it. Not good for the woman who functions on caffeinated liquids.

So Saturday morning started out well. Everyone followed the instructions Mommy gave. If you want to have a good Valentine's let mama and daddy sleep in a little. This isn't like Christmas, there are no presents and we don't need to be up at 3AM to check and see if Santa remembered our house.

The breakfast menu was designed by The Little Mr. himself and he was the server. Mom was the cook. Lucky for all of us, we were having breakfast sammys. Egg, sausage and cheese on fresh made biscuits.

There were home made place mats and hand crafted Valentine cards. The table was very nice looking with a centerpiece of roses The Mr. brought home the night before.

I did manage to sneak in one small heart shaped box of treats for 3 of the kids, Little One is just too little. And yes, they did eat the whole box for breakfast. Dinner was a long requested pizza delivery. Perfect in my mind.

We had our "nice" dinner of steak and red wine the night before. The kids could care less, but The Mr. and I enjoyed ourselves, even if the table was full of little people.

The weekend was filled with play dates. Our kids and the neighbor kids went back and forth all weekend. Outside, inside, working hard to connive snacks from each set of weary parents. Overall, I think the scored big. There were lots of treats and video games and friends.

The big feature for the holiday weekend was the show the boys made for us. We had a long play covering ALL the Star Wars episodes complete with props.

All in all, a pretty great weekend.

Small discoveries would include; laundry triples on the weekend, food consumption also triples, no one naps on schedule, the phone rings off the hook, our lost stuff actually got found, good parenting is exhausting work that never ends and spurs one to continue to read the next book and finally, the greatest tool I have in my mommy tool belt these days is the Nintendo DS.

As for the parenting books, I'm working my way through the Kevin Leman book, New Kid By Friday. It's very much on the Love and Logic train of thought and I love, love, love, Love and Logic. It's hard going, but it works. And if you're careful, you can use it on adults too. Genius.

Back to life, dishes, laundry, school, teething babies, defiant toddlers, know everything tweens and sassy 6's. Ooh baby...where did I leave that cold cup of joe!

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Karies place said...

Your weekend sounds like my weeks and I've only got 3 kids lol.