Sunday, February 1, 2009

Catching Up

Well, it's been a few days, so I'll catch you up if you haven't been calling, texting, face booking or whatever else with us lately.

Here's how things all played out, in the most discreet, Internet sanitized version I feel I can put out.

As for the last few days, I haven't hit the keys just because I've barely hit standing. Our family was wiped out with the flu. Nasty. That's all I've got to say about that. Icky. And God bless the inventor of products like bleach and Lysol and washing machines.

On to Little Miss. I did have to go to children's court and testify. It was a little on the intense side. I did have to swear so help me God just like on TV and sat next to the judge and directly in front of the birth mom. I was questioned by the Assistant District Attorney, the Guardian Ad Litum, and the Defense Attorney. Basically all the same information and basically all just facts that I could get from my notes. Yes, I have two years worth of notes on Little Miss and her general situation. I was allowed to bring those into court and allowed to use them to answer questions. My testimony took about 30 to 45 minutes.

On Saturday we met with the case worker for Little Miss and learned a lot of the details. We had already learned on Wednesday night that the judge had ruled for Termination of Parental Rights, but we really didn't know much else. What we learned on Saturday is this. There will be another trial, the best interest of the child hearing, on March 24. I will again need to testify. At this hearing it will be determined what will be the best permanent placement for Little Miss and the TPR(termination...) will be finalized. This will be an actual hearing because her placement is being contested, meaning her birth mom would like to see her placed with a family member as opposed to us.

The hearing will go one of two ways. Little Miss will be recommended for permanent placement with a blood relative and we will begin the process of transitioning her from our home to theirs. OR. Little Miss will be recommended to stay with us. From here her birth mom has 30 days to file an appeal of the decision of TPR. The case will then return to the DA and be reviewed. It will either stand as is or be retried.

If there is no appeal filed or the decision upheld after the appeal, then we will be allowed to file for an adoption.

This is all remarkably great news. I'm sure it seems long and confusing and like a never ending process, and in a way it is, but we are so much closer to a "happy" ending, that it is very exciting.

And God is no slouch. He has never failed to drop a bomb in our laps, but on the same hand, never failed to back Himself up either.

This next one, I can't offer a whole lot of details about and it is still very much in the wondering what if stages, but we could really use some prayers here.

The potential exists for doubling our flock of little ones from 3 to 6. We did not pursue this, but have been asked to consider it. Just pray that The Mr. and I would receive remarkable clarity about this situation.

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Anonymous said...

Hooray God!

Hooray Jen for hanging in through out all of this, and all the flue.

Hooray God for giving ya'll clarity on the "twice as nice" proposition.

Lots of prayers and love going your direction.