Thursday, February 5, 2009

Recent Discoveries

No history review is complete without multiple Star Wars references.

All Valentine's Day plans must include candy, sweets and the color red.

It is possible to mop the floor twice in one hour.

Bologna and strawberry jam does not make a good sandwich.

Freezer waffles do not go bad because of ice crystals and toasting them until they smoke is not the solution.

Mom does not enjoy eating the previously mentioned waffles.

Glue sticks are not for eating.

Either are markers, pencils, ball point pens, playdoh, soap or dog kibble.

Two year olds induce coffee consumption.

Cheetoes make math easier, but leave orange "evidence" in your workbooks.

The Hot Dog Song is bad.

Organized people loose papers too, not just people like me who organize their papers in large piles on horizontal surfaces.

Glue sticks and playdoh should not be combined even if they are both purple.

Dogs and babies are smart enough to fall asleep in the sun.

40 seems deliriously warm after days and days in the 0 - 20's.

Sippy cups left in the car in January are way better than cups left in the car in August.

Flannel sheets make everyone feel better.

Kids never tire of Popsicles, even in winter.

Popsicles are the best cure for tongue bites and split lips.

Red wash clothes don't show the blood and therefore don't freak out the kids.

Band aids and antibacterial cream should be kept on every floor.

Kids shows with live adult actors are creepy.

If you work at it hard enough, your dog will pee in a cup, but your neighbors will laugh at you, especially if your dog is only 4-6 inches off the ground.

Jello in your bathrobe is bad.

Spiderman does not like getting a peanut butter bath.


Karies place said...

It's amazing what we can discover when we become parents. Hmm hee hee

Anonymous said...

This made me nearly roll on the floor laughing!