Friday, February 6, 2009

More Thoughts That Aren't Connected

Just shows how much is rolling around in the head these days that I've got a list of things but they don't connect other than being inside my head at the same time.

My 2 year old is obsessed with standing on my left foot. It bugs me.

A 6 year old boy will eat 2 slices of toast, a large bowl of cereal with milk for breakfast and then request 2 waffles for dessert.

One of the very greatest moments in life is holding a baby in the moments they are falling asleep.

Thomas The Train is icky. More icky than Barney, Wiggles or Teletubbies. It's up there with Jay Jay the Jet Plane. Ick. Ick. Ick.

Salsa is a great dinner "cure" in a jar. Last night was chicken topped with salsa and cheese baked in the oven. It was served with lettuce, cheese, black olives, the rest of the salsa, chips and ranch dressing. Very versatile. A salad on the side. A giant taco type salad. Easy and tasty.

A 6 year old boy will eat half a bag of salad by himself, along with one chicken thigh and enough chips and salsa to start a restaurant.

On other topics, I'm mulling around the idea of having 6 kids and just what that would look like or more realistically, what I would need to change to do it well.

I know this will shock you, but I'm not all that organized or disciplined.

It's just not my nature. I can learn it and with great amounts of will power I can get better, but it never comes naturally. Every year of my life, I've gotten better at all that organizing and planning and stuff but only after taking the time to consciously decide to do it, make a plan and then have The Mr. hold me accountable to it. Group effort, I guess.

But 6 kids.

That would require a bit more serious effort on my part, at least in the getting going. It would be a rough transition if we tried it right now with my more lax style of keeping us on track.

I know that each time we bring in a new kiddo it takes about 2-3 months to get into the new groove. I don't know if 2 more would make it 4-6 months of transitions or just a really intense 2-3 months.

So while I'm rolling it all around in the clutter of my mind, I'm thinking that I really need to be planning to do a massive sort, purge and organize of my home. I need to dig back out my Managers Of Their Homes book and start making some charts, or at the very least taking a realistic inventory of how I'm spending my time.

I'm doing something I do every year, evaluating the education choices of the kids. I like being a homeschool mom. I like being with my kids. They're great kids. But, I'm also a public school grad. There's pros and cons to both choices, but that's the thing, there's a choice to make. Each and every year for each and every kid.

I need to make sure that I'm making the best choices I can for each of the kids.

A lot of it is pretty easy. The physical stuff, diapers, clothes, cars and food. The heart is big enough, the arms wide enough. The intentions great. But a person has to be realistic too. Who will do which chores? Which lessons get taught together? Which activities? Who will be the super sitters able to babysit for 6 and survive? How many therapies and medical appointments can we do each week and still be on an even keel? Do we remodel, expand or move? Just how big a van is that anyway? What will I change to keep myself "fed" personally and spiritually? What things can I afford to let slide and which things should I hire out? What does it look like in 10 years when the kids are 20, 16, 14, 12, 12 & 10? What will it be like to have 3 teen girls at the same time? Potentially in the same room? Just exactly how many loads of dishes and laundry are we talking? Would it be the end of us doing foster care or just a time to take a break?

I could go on and on. See what I mean, there's a whole lot rattling around in there. It means it's time to start making lists, accepting all the wise council that is coming our way. Time to call out all our prayer warriors. Time to expect. Expect that God will give us the real answers we are seeking.

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