Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cleaning Out The Junk

You know, yesterday was one of those days. Chalk it up to cabin fever, boys being boys, mama kicking in on the reality discipline, natural consequences and tough love or maybe a full moon. Add in a Legal Aid from the county, a potty training 2 year old and a teething baby.

Whoo Whee can I even begin to tell you the fun we had yesterday!

No. No. I'm sure I can't.

So, as legal aid walks up to the front door, the big boys are running circles around the main floor--in their jammies at 11--I'm tied to the babies feeding tube and The Little Miss is naked in the hallway. As I open up the door, naked Miss greets her with a rousing, "Look, I going potty!!"

And I'm thinking, really now, I could get so lucky that you're actually doing the deed.

No. No. I'm thinking you're just dancing naked in the hall.

We'll stick to the potty making story.

Later in the day there was a jump on the bed party.

That ended with The Little Mr.'s sleeping on the floor last night. After all, beds are a privilege, something to be treated with respect, especially when it isn't even your own bed.

There's some tough love lessons happening in our house.

I hate to see in my kids that attitude of entitlement.

We're learning some real hard lessons about what we NEED in this life and what we just want and enjoy and like to have.

I'm a mama on a mission. We'll be earning back all our stuff and in the process giving away about half of it I hope.

Good thing the weather is turning. I'll be keeping the van outside for a while so I have a place to store all the stuff.

I feel like I'm not overindulgent with my kiddos in terms of buying them lots of stuff, but as I was gutting their room this morning, I'm totally stunned at just how much has accumulated. It seems like it was multiplying while I was not sleeping at night. Sleep is for losers, you know.

It's great to have some clothes to choose from, books to read, games and toys to play with. It's nice to have some lovies and blankies and stuffies. But somewhere, somehow it exploded.

I fear my garage will be packed from floor to ceiling with stuff. I'm also betting that no one will even bother to look for most of it.

Maybe it's just a seasonal thing. We've seen a few glimpses of spring around here. Even if they only lasted for a day or two, we saw it and now we know it's coming. I guess it's just a year for deep spring cleaning, home and heart.

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