Friday, March 27, 2009

Having a Hissy

It's been a full week.

Hmm, I think I start out like this a lot. Oh well, it was a busy week. And that's normal for us.

But I've had an attitude problem, and it's just lingering around with me like a bad diaper pail odor.

I've been trying not to be cranky with everyone else knowing that who I'm really cranky at is myself.

I let myself let things go a bit around the house and got spanked for it. Matter of fact, yesterday I even got told by another adult--not The Mr.--to clean my room. Man was I cranky after that.

Truth be told though, she's right. I do need to clean my room. My room and a whole bunch of other places around my house. I got relaxed about clutter and junk and now there's just too much of it. Every little while I think it's no big deal and then I look around and realize I have a huge pile of no big deal to deal with and now it is a big deal.

I really just want to stamp my foot, Little Miss 2 year old style, and say, but, but, but. But what about the fact that I have workers of some sort in and out of my house almost every day. But what about that I have 4 kids and a dog. But I'm keeping these kids clean, and fed, and loved. They have toys and clothes and books. I read to them. I tuck them in. I kiss the boo-boos and calm the nightmares. I change the diapers. They get to their nine million doctor appointments.

But it doesn't matter. I agreed that I would live at a higher standard, their standard in order to serve these kids.

Sort of like being a Christian. Once you really understand it, you agree to live life at a higher standard, just because of who you serve.

So I'm done whining and I'm getting off my butt and back to uncluttering and dejunking.

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