Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Odds and Ends of Life with Kids

You walk into the, no that's not it, you dash into the bathroom in the hopes that the kids all survive each other for the 2 minutes you're in there and you can get back out before the company arrives, only to discover beef-a-roni in the sink. As you wipe it all out with those fantastic bleach wipes you glance in the mirror and discover you're wearing a heaping helping of sweet potato baby food. I'm pretty sure it's not a hair accessory.

You find nuks in your coat pockets and Lego bricks in the bottom of the washer instead of cash.

One of your mantras is "your food is not a toy".

Your TV watching is limited to strict doses of Disney Channel and Sprout.

Snacks come in individual packets in bulk size amounts.

Stickers find their way onto to everything.

Under the seats in your van--note here, not car, van--you will find; coloring books, Frisbee's, sand pails and shovels, trash bags, toilet paper and first aid kits. Yes, more than one first aid kit.

There are freeze pops in the freezer no matter what the weather is.

3 am is the only true quiet time in the house.

It doesn't seem odd to you to do laundry for the entire duration of your daily waking hours.

Some of your best times happen while you're in the car waiting for someone to get done with something.

The sight of your spouse coming home is like the hit you used to get from a strong drink many, many years ago.

Someone asks you where you like to eat out and you wonder, what's that?

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Karies place said...

That is sooo my house lol.