Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Anything Going On?

Well, now it's Tuesday. Time just goes by so fast.

We're just making our way through a pretty plain slice of regular life. Praise God!

I'm happy to have plain jane life any time God will offer it up to me.

As usual, we're having our share of appointments and court dates and county visitors and all that other junk. We've been doing some aggressive spring cleaning and sorting. Yup, being wishful that spring is on its way.

The boys lessons in need vs. want continue. They are learning quicker than I had hoped. Again, I strongly recommend both Dr. Leman's book Have a New Kid by Friday and Love and Logic--any version. I have both the plain and special needs book, both very worthy of a reading.

Little Miss is still abundantly 2 and pushing all available bounds.

Little One is waiting to be scheduled for surgery. In the end, a good thing. It will help him to get moving on with some of his issues. In other areas he is right on track. As I type he just did the army crawl all the way from the family room to the living room in search of the boys. After all, they have the coolest and least baby safe toys of the family. Where else would he rather be. He's making great progress on baby food eating too.

Over all, in a pretty good place in life these days. Things will happen and change to be sure, but right now we're taking a breath. Chaos will return, but until then I'm going to shoot for clean laundry, less dirty floors and maybe a little more sleep!

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