Friday, February 27, 2009

Last night was a much needed night out.

I forget that I need time off. I forget how much I need to see my friends. I forget to take a break from breaking my neck trying to be super mommy.

So, it's great that I'm blessed with friends that call and call and call until I go out. They insist. They plan and plot and tell me where and when.

In the end, I'm always very happy I listened and followed directions.

I have a girlfriend that knows and enables my weakness for sea food. And wine. And pasta. And chocolates. And...well, I have a lot of weakness in the realm of food and drink.

It was a great night of sea food and martinis. We were in beautiful, quiet, uncrowded places.

Even better, we were home before all the rain turned to ice.

It's been a very busy day. I'm being out numbered by the kids. One has decided that today is the day to potty train. Yippee. Not. It really means she is just spending the day peeing in her pants. A little one who is really frustrated with his math. Another one who is working out every possible way not to do any math. And still another who is teething and snotty.

We had the case worker for Little One and her state inspector along just for the ride. Thanks to all the public attention on the most recent foster care death we foster families are having way more fun doing our jobs.

At least it's Friday and I have half a plan in mind for dinner. I'm hoping for a quiet weekend, or at least our families version of a quiet and restful weekend.

On another note, I'm working my way through another book. Sour Revolution by John Burke. It's excellent. Be watching for when I place the call for all those willing to do the 60/60 with me. I think it would be very cool, perhaps even life changing.


Jen said...
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Jen said...

Nice typo. The book is really SOUL Revolution. Big Difference!