Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Today in my boring little life, I'm playing the battle of the strong wills game. Who will win, mama or Little Miss?

See, it's potty training time. Or as I like to think of it, a week or two in hell.

I'm sure you'll tell me that if it's hard or not happening right away that I'm doing it wrong, she's not ready, she's too young, not the right method or whatever. Yeah, that's a possibility, but with this little chick, I don't think so.

Even though she's under 3, she's been able to control herself in this area for a LONG time. She just simply prefers a diaper.

Thing is, I don't.

I don't mind diapers, especially on little ones. But we're having leak issues. All the time. I've tried all the brands, all the sizes.

Frankly, she's overdue. I should have leaped on the potty train earlier, but I was thinking all those other things, too young, not the right time, not a good season (potty training in winter is one of my personal no-no's).

I've just cleaned up one too many accidents for my liking.

So, now it's potty season.

Which means, I'm still cleaning up way to many accidents.

Today she is playing her strong willed card.

And she's messing with the boys.

Somehow today she managed to get both bunk beds at the same time. My boys get the blessing of clean sheets, blankets and pillows and I had the joy of 3 more loads of laundry.

Thankfully, the boys are finally big enough and capable enough to change their own bedding.

On the topic of boys, they are improving. I know if you chat with me in real life, I'm cranky about them, but they are making great strides of progress. Many, many changes in attitude have come about. Lots more chores are getting done and school is not life threatening anymore. It still isn't what I'd like it to be, but progress in a positive direction is at least encouraging.

Other notes in life, Little One is set for surgery next week. It will be a short, but yet long procedure. He will only be in for about a day, but I'll be in with him, so it will be a drain on all of us. Grandma is going to come and help us out. Again. Thanks!! I think his birth mom will join me, so that's encouragaing too. In a way it's set up great, he's going to have a whole bunch of "little" things done or taken care of all at once, but I'm a mama. So I worry. How many little things in one surgery can add up to a really big recovery? If he's stuck with 3 different healing spots, or more, how hard will the recovery be?

And he's just a little thing.

And I'm not his mama, but I am a mama and I don't want it to be. Not any of it. Even though I know it's for good, it will help him and it's all simple stuff, I just don't want to be part of kids in surgery or kids in pain or kids suffering or any of that jazz.

Not that I'm saying life should be a cake walk for them, not at all. I'm all for kids having to sweat it out and work for something and work hard at things and learn to live through the knocks of life, but all that said, somethings just make my mama heart ache.

Little One needing to go through more in his little bitty lifetime is just one of those things I wasn't ready for.

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