Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Season Of Change

All is well over here.

Change can be good.

The Little Mr. seems to be enjoying all there is at school, so much so that Littlest Mr. is breaking down the doors to get in. He should be starting soon.

Little Miss is starting to get used to the idea that Little One is her new playmate for the days until "her boys" come home. She is not convinced that upon their return home they should be wasting their time with snacks and homework. In her princess mind, they have returned home to the castle to her, to serve her by being her play date.

It's pretty cute actually. All day long there's a stroll over to the window to ask, boys home now????

Personally, I feel like I have some quiet space. I can complete a thought and even a task or two without loosing my mind. I am surprised though, at how very fast those hours go by.

It's all good even though it's all different.

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