Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Seen Through A New Window

I've been surprised at some of the things public school has brought out in The Little Mr.

Quite pleasantly surprised.

He still doesn't love his homework, but the power struggle is over. He just gets it done and the whine and complaints are down to a minimum.

He's fit in pretty well and made some friends. I've struggled with this part of his personality for years and years, even if it never phased him in the slightest. I longed for him to just be a part of the gang and have pals to play with like everyone else. Right at the moment, he doesn't seem to be an unusual "quirky" standout.

I think the light bulb is going on in the areas of cooperation, sharing, taking turns, not being the center of life. Perhaps it is just a living lesson in compromise and it's value.

Most startling, my boy who has never been spontaneously affectionate or willing to say things like I love you without much prompting or cajoling has become a different child. Every morning before he walks off to school I get a kiss on the cheek, a hug and an "I love you mom". It almost makes me cry into my coffee. When he returns he is tired, hungry, thirsty, put out that he has homework to do, but after he announces all this as charges through the door, I get more hugs and cuddles and the details of the day. He tells me over and over how much he loves school, how great it is and all the amazing wonderful things he's done that day.

I know this may not last. I know The Littlest Mr. will respond completely differently. I expect that.

What I would never have expected is the amazing little person my son is being in this new setting.

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Anonymous said...

just catching up on your life...

can't tell you how this post encourages me. my 10 year old will start 5th grade in the fall after finishing 2 years of homeschooling. i worry about him fitting in, making friends, keeping up academically [oh Lord, have I ruined him?!?! he doesn't know science!!] - so this post gives me great hope. We're moving to a small town with a great school district so I have every reason to believe that he'll get all the help that he needs. thanks for the encouragement!

so you guys landed at fox river.. how do you like it?

-Steph Seefeldt