Sunday, April 26, 2009

Stormy Weather

I'm just plain stupid tired today.

Friday and Saturday nights Little One had a cough. From midnight to 3AM. We sat in the rocker and listened to the radio and coughed. Last night was the rain and thunder. Every hour there was a kiddo or hound dog up and freaking out. Only The Mr. and The Littlest Mr. slept. But those two could sleep through just about anything.

I know I'm sleep stupid these days, because last night I planned to make dinner with ingredients that I hadn't yet bought. I'm going to blame that on the power outage that shut down the grocery store and call it mental inertia.

Plus, I just have a rambling disjointed mind these days.

I've been trying to let it all rest and not think about it, but it can't be helped.

Trial is tomorrow. Again. It seems like we've been doing nothing but going to court and waiting when it comes to Little Miss and for a year or so now, that's really been the case. Tomorrow has the potential of being a big day though. It could be the last trial. Then we would just have to wait the required amount of time, file for adoption and wait for that. It's my personal goal, even though there is nothing I can do to change any of it, to have the adoption done before she enters kindergarten.

As of right now, Little Miss has been with us for 2 years and 4 months. That feels like a really long time, but I think in foster care land, it really isn't.

Little One has now been with us 7 months and in care for 8. His case is far from being resolved too. I fear he could be another one that lives with us for years without a solid answer.

And finally, for once I think I'm going to say, yeah Disney. I just read in the paper this morning that there is going to be a new princess. A black princess. Yeah for us! I'll admit. I'm going to do some shopping soon.

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Jen said...

I almost forgot! There are a few more days left to do the wish for Carleen's birthday. $2000 donation to Make-A-Wish $17 at a time for her 17th birthday. Come on friends, drop some dollars.