Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Plain Ordinary Day

Yup. That's how it is sometimes.

Cleaned some carpets. I won't tell you how much I hate carpet. That'll be another day.

Almost got stung again. I got away this time unlike last week. Hopefully my finger will go back to it's normal size and I'll be able to put my rings back on soon.

Chased, I mean, walked around the block with Little Miss riding trike again. Yeah, slower than you'd think. It's hilly here and that slows her down. Plus we had to stop for all the flower petals blowing in the wind.

She doesn't understand pollen is BAD! Ah, well, just because the rest of us are dying a slow sinus death, doesn't mean she is.

Tried to decipher an insurance issue. Again. I won't tell you how much I hate insurance. And being on hold. And automated phone answering systems.

Chased my gutter down the street. Chased a toy car. Chased several balls. Chased a toddler.

Got the house ready for our adoption worker so that she could cancel her visit. Again.

Forgot about dinner. Again.

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