Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Life Happens

Well, it's been a week, a dull and busy week.

Each day there was something that I was certain I was going to blog because it was just that funny, but, alas, life is stupid busy around here sometimes and sleep often takes priority for me above funny for you. Sorry. Although there have been far too many nights in the last week that I've gotten to the morning and thought why did I bother to put on my pj's and lay down.

When last I left you, we were just getting about the business of the first of four birthdays. I let the kids pick their birthday dinners and boy did I pay for that. I'm sure at some point in the past I've blogged about my hot dog issues, but if not, just know that I'd rather see a dentist than have a hot dog, and considering that I see my collection of dental professionals more than any human being should...well, anyway.

The Littlest Mr. does not feel the same way about hot dogs. To him, they are the perfect food. So hot dogs for dinner it was, with a side of mac-n-cheese and chips. Dessert was green zucchini cake. Who knew. Glad it's over.

Next up is Little Miss. She has a one track mind and only one request. Pink cake. She could care less what ever else I serve as long as there is pink cake and she gets to eat lots of that. That means I've made the choice and we'll be having spaghetti. Messy, but one of her known favorites, plus it's easy. I'm all for easy these days. Add on the bag salad and frozen garlic bread. Happy campers all around. Then pink cake. I'll be making a box of strawberry cake and using pink confetti frosting from the can, completed with pastel sprinkles.

After that is Little Mr. He has taste. At least when it comes to food. His request is a bit southern, and I'm all in. BBQ ribs and corn on the cob. Finish it out with ice cream cake. Amen.

Last up in Little One. He's barely eating solids right now, so I'm debating. I know he won't be having a special dinner as he doesn't even eat enough table foods to know if he has a favorite. He frequently strikes against baby food too, so I could offer up whatever was his last favorite, but he most likely won't touch it. I guess months on a feeding tube will do that to you, that and teething. The rest of the kids are voting for him to have birthday cup cakes, so I'll probably go that route. I'm thinking vanilla or yellow cake with vanilla butter cream frosting. At least he can make a mess of it and we can take some pictures for him to have later in his life.

On to other news. Baseball season is getting going. Practice is happening on Wednesdays and games start this Saturday morning. So much for my kid free Saturday mornings of errand running. Ah, well. School is almost done, about 2 more weeks. That means they're watching a lot of movies and taking a lot of field trips. There are special programs happening at school and lots of papers coming home. This week one boy goes to the zoo, with dad as a chaperon and the other one goes to Madison to tour the Capitol. Only amusing because we lived in Madison for so long and now one of his first field trips is back to where we started from. Hee hee, small world.

Tonight we'll be having out last home team with the high school kids. A BBQ party. It should be very fun. These are the best kids and they deserve a fun night before they launch into exams and very busy summers.

Our own summer is shaping up to be very busy. We'll have summer school for The Littlest Mr. and at home summer school for Little Mr. There will be camps too. Tae Kwon Do camp, 2 different weeks of course, because they're two different age groups now. Choir camp for both, art camp for one, baseball all summer long, VBS at our church, and a week long full day family VBS camp. I'm totally jazzed about that camp, adult Bible study and fellowship, activities for all, completely geared for special needs kids--that'd be 3 out of 4 kids here, completely geared for sibs of special needs kids, baby care, on site nurses and affordable! God blesses. Plus a girl friend is heading up the ladies part of the Bible study. I can't wait. We'll also have an extra week with The Mr. at home, thank you poor economy, but it should be great. We'll host some friends for a picnic at the very least while they are in the area attending the Willow Creek Leadership Summit. Very cool. We'll also be hosting some friends from Texas this summer. They'll be in town for two reasons, a family reunion and a high school reunion. Ms. A. was one of my very best friends in high school and about every 10 years she has a way of talking me into something. First it was cheer leading, then the 10 year reunion, now the 20 year. I'm catching on, slowly.

I'm sure somewhere in the summer we'll do some other things, like a few trips to Madison, maybe some cousin time. I'm guessing I'll have to come up with some things simply because we had to revamp the yard. Gone is the sand box and swing set. They were just too used up to be safe. This spring when we opened up the sand box and thought septic system, we knew it was beyond bleach and took it to the curb. Over the last summer the swing set began it's slow decent into the recycling pile. First the glider broke off. Then the slide. Then a week or two ago, The Little Mr. went out to swing and just about tipped the whole thing over. That and the boys had found a way to drag it under one of our bigger trees and "tight rope walk" across the top of the A-frame. I'm such a mean mom, I declare it the end. Now it's in a pile at the curb.

We'll also be heading back to court this summer, for Little Miss. Unfortunately, it seems it won't be for an adoption yet, but that's just how it goes. An appeal has been filed, so now we'll begin that process. It could be short, but most likely it'll be another year or so before we can really get to the actual adoption. Disappointing to be sure, but not unexpected.

We had a trip to the ER this spring so I'm hoping that will get us through the summer too. It was minor, Little Miss cut her finger with her scissors, I'm really, really hoping that we can get through the danger season without broken bones or major stitches on The Littlest Mr. but it's hope only, I'm not holding my breath with him. After all, I've skated through 6 summers with him already without major incidents, so I'm pushing it here. Some kids are just like that.

Busy, busy days ahead.

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