Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Just Wanted To Eat Cheesecake in Peace

It's late afternoon, there's no escaping it, so I'll just cop to it.

I'm crabby.

Still crabby.

I started getting crabby yesterday afternoon and I have spent most of my day trying to not stay cranky and I'm still there.

It's all really nothing. I'm just being selfish and wanting things to go my way.


That and I'm not yet settled into the new routine. You know, back to school. That in itself is new to our crew. Then we sent Little Miss off to Head Start, on the bus even. Little One has an ever changing visit schedule it seems. I know it isn't, but we just can't seem to iron out the concrete details.

Then we have all the after school stuff we're trying to get in the groove too.

What that meant yesterday was make mom crabby...I mean, it meant Little Mr. needed to do his home work between the end of school and the start of choir in order to have a smooth day.

Well, it's Little Mr. Need I even say more?

Let's just say the whole thing was still unwinding around 9:40 last night.

Boo. Hiss.

By then we had 3 of 4 sleeping soundly for the night, or so we thought. Little Mr. was at last showered and sent to bed. I was totally, mentally, eating a slice of birthday cheese cake with The Mr. in peace and quiet. Rolling off to bed, nice and full.

Instead at 11:30 I was still trying to convince Little One that he was really supposed to be sleeping for the night, not waking up to play after a late nap!

By midnight I was finally in bed.

At 1, Little Mr. was screaming from his bed.

A head ache.


Well what do think is going to happen when you smuggle books into your bed and keep reading all night? What do you think will happen when you don't get your homework done?


My very early morning began with Little Miss pulling the shower curtain back and asking me, "Hey mom? What ya doing?"


Then we had an hour or so on constant low level sniping between the 4 kids. Not really enough to scold over, but more than enough to wash over with a few cups of coffee.

It went on and on, but it isn't worth it.

It's almost 5 now.

All are home from school and cancelled visits. Behavior is marginal. Homework half done. Kids have escaped to the outdoors and have melted to the floor in front of the TV. I'm remembering there is no dinner plan and The Mr. is off at a board meeting.

Thankfully there are gas grills and freezers full of dogs and burgers. Chips were 2 for 1 this week and baked beans are in the basement pantry.

Good thing it's still acting like summer outside.

Here's hoping for a peaceful night, sound sleepers and that piece of cheesecake eaten in silence!


Karies place said...

All I can say is "Oh wow", sounds like my days.

Debbie said...

I get it. But I am wondering if you were eating real cheesecake or imaginary cheesecake. And if it was imaginary cheesecake, why wasn't it a martini instead?