Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Moving On, Letting Go and Getting Older

It was a full weekend. We did all the junk stuff like paint the deck and shampoo carpets. We did some of the fun stuff too, like starting to get in the groove at Driven. It's good to see my home teamers again, even if we're doing a home team revamp. All good. All good.

The deck is settling down to a nice orangy brown and I could care less because it's painted and that's the best part. Well, really, the best part was that I didn't have to do it.

While the deck painting was happening, I was doing the shampooing.

Let's just say, it didn't make much of a difference and the only real cure for my carpets it to remove them and burn them.

I could blog for hours about how much I loathe carpets, but they come with houses and until there is spare dollars, I'm stuck with them. I just think that families with kids and pets should never, never, never have carpet. Blech.

Moving on.

As for the girlies, well, I'm letting it go. I'm done being in a snit about something I can't control. It's stupid of me to get on my horse and pretend that I somehow have some sort of God power and have any real say in what will happen anyway. I'm going to stick to listening to what God tells me to do and being ready for whatever He is bringing my way in whatever time frame is His plan. Letting it go. Dropped it off at the cross.

And I did go ahead and get older this weekend too. Just like I told The Little Mr. when he asked my age...gonna have to teach that boy some manners...anyway, the answer was older than yesterday and younger than tomorrow. The group did a good job. I had a very enjoyable, last hurrah of summer dinner and got quite a nice gift. Just in case you think about food all the time like I do, we ate baked potatoes, corn on the cob and BBQ ribs. I had a nice glass of wine with it all and then we over indulged in cheese cake from The Cheese Cake Factory. Nicely done.

My gift was quite thoughtful. Enough silverware to keep us set for a day and a new set of dishes. Place settings for 8. They are classic. Square. White. Perfect.

On other fronts, I'm thinking I'm pretty ready to give my talk on Saturday at the Women's Ministry Fall Kick Off. I'm even doing a fair job of being in denial that there will be people, live people, listening to me, looking at me, ahem, back to denial...I'm going to continue to ignore the time frame and resist the urge to panic about 45 minutes being a really, really long time!! Anyway, all joking aside, it's set. I'm as ready as I'm going to be. I plan to grab a mocha on the way in and enjoy the whole thing.

The new found pleasure of having kids in school is also affording me some time to read. Plus I've been asked to read a book or two and write some reviews. Ah, sweet heaven. Anyway, it's been a fun few days. I'm working my way through both Prodigal God and The Shack. Can I just simply say, wow. They're both great books. Reading them together is excellent. I know, I know, lots of theological controversy and all that. Whatever. Put that baggage aside and skip to the heart of the messages in these books and you'll see the point. Good stuff my friends, good stuff.

And that's where I'm at for now.

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Shelley said...

Did Debbie not tell you that we arranged to have just paper cutout people at your breakout??? Seriously, I am praying for you as you prepare.