Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Life Isn't Always Fun & Games Around Here

It's only Tuesday, but I'm thinking it's going to keep on going down the toilet this week. I've been on a stretch lately.

Recent events in no particular order.

We had a little bus incident. It seems Little Mr. is too little to take his sister off the bus and being on my way home, literally minutes from my house is not good enough. So we had tears and tantrums, the bus driver and the aid, myself and the neighbor all on the phone. All in all, it worked out, but not after lots of tears, phone calls and a neighbor stepping in to help out, but ultimately shaking her head at the madness that is our life.

Two rather unpleasant toilet back ups. One far more dramatic than the other. Let's just leave it at this, there isn't enough Lysol and hand sanitizer to make me feel less queasy when recalling this adventure.

We had baby barf. Again with the hand sanitizer and bleach type cleaners.

I've picked up a dog pile off the floor and done the required carpet cleaning all before a cup of coffee.

Our finish date has come and gone and moved more times than I've bothered to keep track of. I guess construction is just like that. Between supplies, weather and inspectors, it just keeps getting slower.

Little One's case worker missed her appointment and seems to be missing in general, which means of course, that tomorrow she'll be--in theory--trying to get in a visit on the last day. It's not going to be good though, that day is really, really full.

We had another bus incident that involved a nap and wet pants...and a whole bag full of wet clothes.

Oh, how I'm loving the laundry this week.

Cootie catchers took over in the worst way.

I found an ant in the bathroom. Not that big a deal, but we have a thing about ants, The Mr. and I do.

I rocked in the chair with Little One last night from midnight until he decided to doze off...5:AM.

I ran out of coffee creamer, the grocery had no formula that fit the infamous WIC check and my mop snapped in half part way through mopping the first floor.

People refused to do their homework and missed a concert. I rode the big van with teenage girls drinking energy drinks after eating custard and anticipating a concert. Whoa baby.

4 out of 5 appointments in 2 days changed their times, cancelled or just plain didn't show up. Somewhere along the line, I lost my mind and missed 2 appointments too.

I needed 3 sitters this week and got none, meaning I'm hauling extra kids to Children's, hoping they don't catch something and realizing that they're going to miss a day of school.

I've come to learn that Head Start has homework. Often. And not just reading stories.

Construction dust is covering every surface on the lower level.

Did I mention all the fun laundry lately? I've now done a dozen loads in less than 24 hours.

I've got to stop. I'm sure there's more and I'm sure more is headed my way.

That's just the way it goes sometimes.

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