Friday, September 25, 2009

So I'm Thinking....

Quit laughing!

It happens once in a while.

I'm thinking about journals for my kids.

I like paper, but I'm lazy and loose things easily and paper gets destroyed, especially in my house.

So it makes me think about online journaling, which I suppose is blogging, but I'd rather not have it be an out there for the world to read sort of thing. I mean, I'd like for The Mr. and the kids to be able to access it, not just have it be my own personal take on life, but more of a record of what they're doing.

The Little Mr. is already 11 and as I look back I see so many moments that I hoped we all always remember, but I see how things fade in the mind and how they'll be lost soon. I want to have some sort of record, a memory jogger of sorts.

So now I'm debating. I really don't feel like setting up 4 more blogs foe each of the kids. I don't want to lump them all together into one, I want each to have their own. Perhaps just some Google documents, but that isn't really what I'm looking for either. It would work of course and the price is right, but, you's a little on the plain and dull side.

I'm thinking like a once a week sort of, this is what's going on in this one's life. I'm sure a good chunk of it will be totally mundane, but it would be a spot to record the funny things, the crazy ideas of childhood, the stuff they say.



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