Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Recap of Sorts

Let's see now, last week I left off around Thursday, so it really was probably the report of Wednesday. Ah, who cares.

The week with the girlies rounded out quite well. We all had a great time together. A lot less fighting than I expected and a lot less drama in general. Now, I'm not stupid, so I know it was mostly all honeymoon with those little girls, but I fell in head over heart anyway.

On Friday when it was time for me to go, they began their bawling and I went right along and got all teary myself. It didn't help that for several days they were pulling all the right strings, "you're not going to make us go back to the other foster home, are you?", "she's mean", "she yells".

It's heart breaking and a game too. Sad that at 5 you know how to work the system and work the people.

All that aside, I fell stupid in love with them and it broke my heart to send them back.

I sent them with what I knew was a false promise...the county would meet right away to make a new decision about letting them move here. I had hope, not an expectation, just hope, that these would be people of their word and I'd at least have a decision by last night, as today is the first day of school.

Well, hope and reality are not often written with the same ink.

Somewhere in there the kids had a weekend with dad and I had a weekend away. I went to a training weekend for Driven4Him, the high school ministry at Fox River. It was good. I feel like I have a good picture of what the plan is. Whether it ends up looking like that by the end of the year, no one knows, but I know the idea. I also had my usual frustration with all things that involve more people than myself! I'm a simple sort, I guess. I get to the end of every one of these sorts of things and think, we are wasting so much time making this so much more complicated than it ought to be.

Sigh. But that's the way I usually see the world. We put tons of effort into making things so much harder than they need to be.

Sunday was a family day. Just the usual life stuff and some decent family time together. Although we did make a group trip to the grocery, The Mr. and I, and our 4 kids. It was 2 kids per adult and 2 carts. I thought it went very well, but it seemed to freak people out. 4 kids is not a large family folks, get over yourselves.

Yesterday we spent the day getting ready for the first day of school and going outside to play. It was, after all sunny and the last day of summer break. I'd say it was warm, but I had a sweat shirt on for most of the day, so...guess not.

Last night the kids tag teamed me. I got the privilege of seeing every one of my kids at different hours last night. They make a secret pact not to wake during the same hour and not the same kid two hours in a row. They also make sure to have different issues. We had leg pain, loose tooth, cough, bad dream, foot pain, drink of water and on and on. So fun, so clever, so...not sleeping!!

Today, I'm just going to try to get some stuff done now that I'm down to just 2 kids at home, most of it may have to wait until nap time though. For now, I'm just enjoying relative peace and a cup of coffee.

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