Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 4

It was a tough night. We had lots of little people up which meant I was up a lot. I think I got up for the day around 1AM.

That meant everyone got a dose of cranky mommy in the morning.

We did make it down to the cousins by 11. We played with the puppy, had a picnic, then went to a killer park. Some huge slides, unusual swings and a fun water play area. Never mind it was dark, dreary and cold! We played until about 3:30, took the cousins home and made it back to our place by 6. Hot dogs, mac-n-cheese, chips and guac for dinner, along with plenty of fruit salad. Showers, story time and tuck in.

EVERYONE slept through the night and the last one is still sleeping at 8:45!! I'm drinking most of the pot of coffee and trying to figure out how to bribe my case worker.

I'm also trying to dodge the questions from a certain little girl about if they are really going to be sent back to the other foster home, if there will be a visit this week, etc. That's the hard part. We've set up visits twice already this week. Hate to say one's been set for today especially if this one falls apart too. Really wish I could just say, yup, you'll stay. No one is going to move you anywhere ever again.

Life's tough some times. Just have to wait it all out.

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