Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 3

Well, let's see if I can remember yesterday. I'll go backwards.

Last night we all got to sleep. Little One did wake at 2, right on schedule, but after a little pat on the bum he went back to sleep. Around 5 both Little One and Little Miss got up. Little One went back to sleep. I've had coffee & a shower, 4 kids are up, and the feeding has begun.

Yesterday visits were cancelled. We played outside, we played doll house, we had time outs and some shouting. We had some running around and Little One bonked his face again. Although he thinks it is possible, a 1 year old cannot ride a two wheeler. He has quite the fat lip.

We only had one set of wet pants and one episode of pouring dirt on someone else. At bedtime we made it through 3 showers in an hour and had most kids in bed by 9. We had story time and singing songs. We drew pictures, blew bubbles and riled up the dog.

The Girlies tried some new foods--avacodoes.

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