Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day 2, Grand Adventure

Slightly less grand.

So Little One and Missy and I only stayed awake from 3-4:30ish this morning. It took me that long to realize it was Missy coughing in her sleep that was keeping Little One awake and all I had to do was put them into different rooms. Sigh. That's some seriously slow thinking on my part, but in my defense it was 3AM!

So today was the interesting sorting out of the 3 Girlie Whirlies. They were in trying to determine who was going to be the alpha female. Sorry for me, it's still not firmed up. Plus you add in some jealousy that their brother is a bit more attached to Little Miss than them and the fun begins.

On a good note, Little One finally got the idea of more in ASL. One sign down, a zillion left to go. I'm guessing he'll speak well before I get enough taught to have it be useful, especially because I have to learn it to teach it.

The Little Mr's are also pulling out some stops in the bad behavior arena, but it was expected.

Overall, I'd actually say things are going better than I'd expected. Exhausting to be sure, to have to ref the same argument 9000 times, but there have been a lot less clashes than I expected too.

But it's early in the game. We've only just getting glimpses at the issues and we'll have to wait for all the stops to be pulled out.

In the mean time today, as high lights, we did make it to a picnic, although we had a pretty decent collapse and a very hasty exit. We had a short back yard fire with the older kids, but that also came a bit unglued. On the other hand, The Little Mr's cleaned all 3 bathrooms without much incident, played pretty well with all the girls and let me get a huge chunk of my speech paperwork taken care of.

As I told a friend tonight we're moving in blind faith...that blind part is an issue for me, I'd love a map or some land marks or even a glimmer of sight into how it's all gonna work out, but not so for now.

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