Saturday, August 22, 2009

Missy & Miss D's Grand Adventure with Bill & Jen

Or something like that.

I decided this morning that without breaking the ever loving rules of foster care I'm going to need to keep a brief chronicle of all that happens in the next 8 days mostly so I have a mental record when we get to the end. So, it's going to be a bit dull for a week or so, stay if you like or move on until the week is over.

Friday: The girls arrived around 5, Mr. and Little Mr. took off for their overnight at church. Ms.V, their regular foster mom, had some trouble letting go and taking off. Nice chick though. Kids ran around outside and inside just getting the feel of the place. The Mr.'s forgot their pillows so we loaded up the white mammoth and headed over. On the way back we drove thru for dinner. Yes, the mammoth fits through the drive through at most places. Yippee for me! 5 Happy Meals later and 20 bucks lighter I had happy kids! Wow, it did work. I did manage to pull off putting to bed 5 kids at the same time without too much disaster. Grace of God, I tell ya, not me. I only had to carry 3 of them back to their assigned beds. At least I didn't have to carry up or down stairs. Other than a brief stint of night terrors and woken baby between 2 & 4, it was pretty good. At 8:15 there are still 2 asleep and one just hanging out in bed, not quite ready to get up. I got to stay in bed until 7:30, got a shower and have my coffee, so I'm chalking this up as about as close to perfect as we're going to get.

Let's see what today holds, shall we?

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Sounds pretty good to me!