Saturday, September 12, 2009

Some Kind of Amazing

Friday was insane. Not totally in a bad way, just busy and disjointed. I was trying to finish something up for my niece's sweet 16 party and be ready to give my talk on Saturday morning.

Friday night got out of hand a bit. One of my kids had an episode of elementary school drama after school and a reprise at bedtime. He just needed to work it through and let it go, but that all takes some time and tears. That one finally went to sleep, then began the other three. Little One just plain stayed up. He slept until 1:AM, but then was done until 5. Just hanging out and playing. The other big boy decided to read in bed. At 3:30 I took away his book and began trying to devise a punishment (yes, you read that, punishment for reading). It's not that I'm not thrilled that he loves to read. I am. I'm totally thrilled that a book can rock his world like that. And it's not that I haven't stayed up all night myself reading a book, but this was a really full weekend and especially the mama needed her sleep on Friday night!

Not to be.

Little Miss just had her regular night terror episodes.

So, my plan, had been go to bed on Friday night, sleep all night, get up and go do the day.

Here's how it really went. I went to bed at 11 and got up at 1. I caught about an hour or so between 5 and 6:30. Then it was off to church for the fall kick off event and my turn to lead a break out session. That's right. The big talk.

Well, lots of you prayed for me and being covered in prayer works wonders.

The speaking was actually a breeze. Granted I had a small audience, but it was really a positive experience. I was thankful that only a few chose to come and listen. I had just the regular amount of jitters for the first minutes and then it went off easily. I don't know that I met the needs of my audience. They weren't what I expected and so I'm not sure that I was saying the right things for them. I don't know that I'd call it a smashing success, but it was far from failure and I'd even entertain the idea of speaking again one day.

I missed the end of the day in order to get to the sweet 16 party for my niece. That was indeed sweet. We had a nice gathering of ladies from all ages together to have tea. Then we shared a verse or two that was significant for us and that we thought would apply to the birthday girl.

Getting home, I found the last of my birthday cake waiting for me with a glass of wine and a gift that came in the mail. Another thoughtful gift this year. A gift certificate to the Aveda Spa. Can't go wrong there, lucky me!

I'm looking forward to another installment of Driven4Him and seeing my kids. They are my kids. Today's talk was about fridge rights and instantly I knew, the kids in my home team or whatever we call it now, those kids, they have fridge rights. That was easy.

Here's hoping for 4 out of 4 being so tired after last night that they all sleep and in turn, I sleep!

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Debbie said...

So, I made note of the "I'd be willing to speak again" part.