Friday, November 13, 2009

Life Notes

Well, what can I tell you, in the past few days I've written a bunch of different entries for you, but in the end I've decided to keep them to myself. You know how that goes. It's the beauty of the written word vs. the immediacy of the spoken word. You still get to say what's on your mind or have your say, but with the printed word you have a moment or many to go back, read and reconsider.

In the end, I just didn't think that I had anything to say that would be doing anyone any good, besides the obvious of making myself feel better and writing things all out makes me feel better anyway, whether or not I push the publish button.

So all in all, what you're going to get is just a little of the every day goings on in stead of some deep--or shallow--thoughts!

We've been treated this week to Little Miss asserting her independence with her wardrobe. One day this week she wore a bright turquoise skirt, striped tights, lavender glitter Chuck Taylor's, a pink shirt, and a black hoodie covered in multicolored stars. It was sort of like a box of Crayola's threw up on her, but in her own way, she carried that off like no one else could have, cause after all, you know sista's got style. Mmm, hmm. That she does. This morning, she just decided that she was going to wear her swim suit.

We had some stupid annoying stuff too, like a 15 minute appointment that took and hour and a half and set back the whole rest of the night. What can you do?

I've read the same two books about a 1000 times.

I've spent 3 days Spackle-ing dents in my walls, only to discover more later. It's in an effort to get painting. I've been sorting junk and dejunking little by little. I've gotten a little slowed down as I'm being lazy about the next room. The next up for paint is the dining room and I'm being really lazy about the china cabinet. I'm really not in love with the idea of emptying it out to move it 5 feet, paint, then move it back and refill it. Plus, I'm afraid of taking the china out. The odds of the kids destroying it are higher than I'd like. I think my only safe option for the the china is to move it to the basement while I paint, but that's a big job and I may break some of it while I'm schlepping it up and down the stairs anyway. Plus, the basement floor is ceramic tile over concrete. China. Nerves.

But. I really want that room done.

I'll think of a solution. It just takes some time for my brain to get there.

There have been some greats like growing relationships, finding old friends again, but there have been some downs too. There are lots of really sick little ones on my prayer list and I don't like that. I'm having contentment issues with my church. It's probably me and not the church, but, it's there none the less. The holidays are on their way, mixed blessing that that always is. I'm longing for some decent sleep. I have writing projects that need finishing. I'm waiting for resolution on a certain issue and I'm not in the mood these days for a lesson in patience, although it seems I need it.

I got my hair done and the weather has been warm. Both are good. Especially the weather, because the colder it gets the slower and less motivated I get. Parent teacher conferences are looming and I'm not sure I really want to know. I'm waiting for a pulled muscle in my back to settle itself down.

But it's been easy to find something to be thankful for each day this month and for that alone I'm thankful. I could be in that stretch of life where it's hard to find the gratitude, but I'm not. For those of you wondering what I'm talking about, one of my Face Book friends challenged me to participate in a thankfulness challenge. Each day we were to post at least one status update of what we are thankful for each day in the month of November.

So I probably sound like I'm grouching and I guess I am a little, but not that much. I'm not really unhappy or in a funk at all. I'm a little unsettled and there are a lot of layers to my life and lots of the things going on around me that touch my life are a little on the sad side or are things that just slow you down a bit. Perhaps it's just a little misplaced nostalgia or extra emotions I'm just not taking the time to sort out. Whatever. It is what it is.

I guess this is not much of a story to tell today, but it is better for you than all the other ones I wrote and decided to keep to myself.

Happy weekend. Go enjoy what ever is your Friday night tradition. See you on the other side.

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debbie g said...

Real life. Glad you're living it near me.