Monday, November 23, 2009

Roast A Bird, Raise A Toast

It's almost time for the big bird. I've got my dining room painted and the kids have only chipped it off in 2 spots, so by Thursday it should be looking properly worn instead of beautiful and new. My menu is planned. The house is half cleaned. The errand list is long, but it's a good list, so I'm hopeful at getting it all done in time.

This year to add to the general holiday fun of hosting my family and bringing our dinner count up to about 15 we've got some new snags. Like tonight, we'll be heading over to school for parent teacher conferences. Now for my previously homeschooled kids, this is a very stressful and traumatic experience. This weekend in particular, there were quite a few episodes of coming unglued all related to the anticipation of what might happen in this unknown experience. I think they're being silly to worry over it all, but then you have to see just how human they are.

It's part of being a fallen human. We worry. Even though our God, the creator and orchestrator of every last little detail has control over it all and tells us repeatedly in His Word, don't worry, we do. We worry. So I have to hold them as much as a mammma of boys is allowed to hold them and remind them, in the end, it will all be okay. God's got it, even if we don't.

Next we have court and a case meeting on Wednesday. Fun times. And the birth families are just like everyone else. The holiday season comes around and things start going a little wonky. There have been some episodes in the last two weeks or so that ought to make court time just a little bit more fun for everyone.

I'm half expecting to have two more smiling little girl faces around my table on Thursday. And nothing would make me happier. But reality is, it won't be like that. Nothing happens that fast in foster land. Nothing. The girls may come here one day, and I really, really hope so. I'm planned and ready for them, but I have to wait on someone else's timeline for that and wait without being a pain.

I also have to pull off a holiday surprise. We'll see if I can do it. Surprise is never my strong suit. Usually my stuff like this flops, so we'll just have to hope on this one that the thought in the end is enough.

All in all, though it's shaping up to be a rather nice holiday.

I may even venture out for a little black Friday shopping this year. I haven't done that since the pre-kid era. Back then I was a serious one day and done shopper. I started early, finished late and had all the holiday shopping done in one day. In a way I miss it, but in a way, I definitely don't. Mostly now I don't do it because I'd rather have a family day and the gift things I'm looking for are specific and not worth fighting a crowd to get. I don't do a lot of wander around and look for the perfect gift for each person any more. Either I have a great idea and I get that exact item or one of my default gifts. I have a sort of running list of default ideas for each person. Gifts that aren't "Wow" gifts, but are still nice and appreciated or used.

Although I'm always tempted to revisit the Blockbuster gift card year. I'm not sure I'll ever live that one down. Who knew it would be such a hated gift? Not me, that's for sure!!

Happy Thanksgiving. Be sure to stop for a few moments at some point before or after all the "fun" and people to savor all the people and moments you're thankful for.

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