Friday, December 4, 2009

I'm sticking my head in the dirt today because it's court and I'd rather be busy and absorbed into a million other things than sitting here thinking about what happens next.

Just a few days ago, before the cold and snow, I got my van fixed. Super cool because it wasn't a driving part and it was under warranty. Now I'll confess just how behind the times I really am. I got the CD player replaced.


How super incredible cool to have a CD player in the car! Yes, this is my very first vehicle with a CD player. Ever. The Mr.'s cars don't have them either. Yes, we do live in a different decade over here. But can I just share with you how wonderful it was in a strange and melancholy way to be driving along with Little One behind me in the stunning warm sunshiny day listening to John Mayer, just because I chose that and not because it was randomly playing on the radio?!

Maybe one of these years I should move up to one of those new fangled walk-man type do dads.


I've been blessed lately to have had several of those incredible sleep nights where you wake up in the morning lying in the exact same position you went to sleep in. That for me is insanely amazing! More often than not, I have the nights where it is a total waste of time to even put the jammies on!

Life is pretty normal around here. We've had some major melt down days and some awesome family days too. Our recent best was a pasta night. We make home made pasta together and just have a fun time doing it. We had a nice fire in the fire place and unbelievably there was an actually family friendly movie on TV to cap off the night.

I'm doing my best to not let the holiday overwhelm me. Shopping is not my favorite thing. I don't hate it, but it's a lot of work and I never really feel like I've gotten it just right. I'm working my way into the kids wish lists and I'm having some Playmobil sticker shock this morning. Seriously. These are kids toys!

On the other hand, there is nothing so right in the world as a decent cup of coffee and some marmalade toast for breakfast.

Or the humor of a meatball bouncing across a freshly mopped floor. This has to be humorous right? Because you all know how much I love to mop, although, I did just get a new mop a few months ago and it is by far the best mop I've ever owned.

Wow. That's a sad statement isn't it? Maybe I should get out a little more.

Or the insanity of little kids putting on their snow clothes over their jammies so they can be the first ones out to play in the first snow of the year.

Or the deliciousness of new flannel jammies. Thanks again Mr. They are prefect as always.

The joy of building new friendships.

The pricelessness of rekindling those decades old friendships. There is something easy and simple about those who have known you through it all, even when there were gaps or misunderstandings. I love how age and time and life have made us mellow and wise enough to love each other again.

I am loving how many people step up when you don't expect them too when given the opportunity to be generous to strangers.

The simple beauty of those special friends in life that no matter how far the move and how long the gap between conversations, it's like you've never missed a moment.

There are things I don't love about laundry and dust and clutter and greedy gimmies at the holidays but thank God I have them.

I'm still trying to convince myself to spend some money and do some sort of outdoor holiday decor. I think it's really the cash part that gets me. I admit. I'm lazy about it too. The idea of decorating outside where I'm not even looking at it in the cold and then having to take it down in the cold and where to put it all and...sigh, see, I have issues. But the money too! My goodness is stuff expensive. And we have a stupid house. It has no outside outlets, so light up stuff is sort of out of the question. I have this thing about extension cords. I just don't do them.

See more issues.

It's like electric blankets. It's just a no. I'd rather pile 12 blankets on my bed than plug one in.

In the past I've put those little candles in the windows and they are cute, especially on this house. It's a sort of stereotypical American two story with all those nice neat windows on the front, but I have trouble keeping them stuck in the windows and trouble keeping them lit up and trouble remembering to turn them off. And then there are now 2 little people walking around "helping" me day and night. I think they'll stay in the box this year.

But back to the outside. We remodeled. We put in those windows and ripped out all the shrubs. Now we have snow covered big empty space in the front of the house. Last year we at least had snow covered ugly landscaped bushes. Now. Well. I feel like I'm supposed to do something. Especially because this is the hood where everyone lights up everything and puts bows on stuff I never even thought of tying up.


I'm thinking we're going to be amazing to do a tree with lights this year.

Again with the little people "helping".

I'd always rather not decorate than fight with the kids for weeks about not touching and then feeling rotten when things that are meaningful to me get broken and then trying to remember even though it was special it wasn't my memory that got broken, just the thing.

It seems I'm just having a quiet morning of rambling and processing. At least it's finally quiet. It only took until 10 AM to get there. And a pot of coffee. Let's all just agree 5:30 is way to early to start the carrying on with all the kids. It just simply is too early.

Well, enough chatter writing for this morning. I have to get on with all those things I love like laundry.

Thanks for all the kind comments lately friends. It's nice to know that I'm not always writing in a void. And it's nice to know that the blog is partially serving one of it's purposes of keeping all the people I know up to speed on our silly little life.

Just like Ferris, life moves pretty fast around here...


debbie g said...

Remember at the end of the movie when the car is in reverse and hurtles into space, then the sidekick tells off his dad? Love that!

Jen said...

You bet I do! That's one of my all time favorite movies. I'm such a child of the '80's!