Thursday, December 3, 2009

Life is Happening

Well, I'm just having an episode of wow, this is a weird life.

We've been living some challenges and fully expect it to get a whole lot harder before we feel peace again.

I'll share a little to clear it all up for you.

The Little One has a complicated case to say the least. We've had to sort of stop loving him for a few minutes to have some hard conversations and go back to the beginning and sort things out.

We had to pause, babe in arms, and look back. It's the remembering, it's all in the remembering.

In the beginning we had a case worker that was trying hard to unite the whole sibling group in our home. There were road blocks and we all sort of ignored them and kept on trying to unite this sibling group in our home.

Shockingly our worker had a massive stroke. This derailed our case in a whole new and unexpected way.

Enter a new worker. She too would like to see the sibs all united in our home.

But again. Road blocks.

In the pause, The Mr. and I began to talk and remember.

Why did we begin this?

Our mission, our goal was to reunite families.

Even when that didn't look the way we expected.

Even when it was hard.

Even when it is heart wrenching.

At the beginning we often said, if these kids can't have their parents, they should at the very least have each other.

We were saying it then because we believed it, and because we wanted them all here, with us.

Somehow for a few minutes we lost that and only remembered the part where they were all here.

And now, in the remembering, it's all come back.

If it all unwinds and comes unglued and they can't have their parents, they should have each other.

And so, we'll be doing the right thing here. We're letting go of our hold so that if there is a way to do what is best for all the kids, it can be done.

We will not allow ourselves to be the road block.

On another note, this is the season of giving and generosity and service. We all know there is great need out there in the world and plenty of families in dire straights with overwhelming needs.

I am in relationship with one such family. They are in a difficult and complicated situation. If you are looking for a place to help this season and feel led to help this family put food on the table, gas in the car or gifts under the tree for their kids, please message me. It would be my great honor to show them that God has not forgotten them.


Debbie said...

Thanks a lot, Jen. You made me cry. What a courageous stand you and Bill are taking.

Jen said...

Wow. I did that to someone else this morning for a different thing. Must be a new gift...make wonderful people cry...don't think it's going to go far on a resume and I bet it doesn't pay well...