Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's snowing again.

I know. It's winter in Wisconsin. What else would it do. And we're shocked by this again because? Yeah, didn't think so.

I don't love it and I don't hate it. I don't really enjoy being out in it, but I'm a cold person. It's not my season. I'll admit to it. Right now as I type, I'm wearing a turtle neck and two sweat shirts. I'm just not a warm person. And yes, my fingers are icy. And even more surprising, I just spent the last hour in the kitchen making candy. In theory, I should be a little warm at least. Oh well. I'm why polar fleece and therma silk was invented.

Winter predictions anyone? It will snow in January. A lot. A ridiculous huge lot of snow.

Know how I know?

The Mr. is going to be working in New York for about the next 2 months. He'll begin Monday. So I can almost guarantee snow storms every time he even begins to think about getting near an airport and colossal snow fall every time I need to be somewhere with four kids and can be forced to use the snow thrower all on my own. Here's hoping for a crash course before he goes. How nice of the weather to comply with my wishes by dumping a bunch on my house as I type.

At least the new fallen snow has a cleansing effect on my yard. Suddenly things look much better in the front yard. There are no longer big piles of ash and charred fire place junk, there are just lumpy piles of snow. Trust me, it's an improvement.

In other news, just lots of the same old crazy going on around here.

The grown ups have been over heard saying all sorts of odd things.

"No head butting."

"No naked banana dancing allowed."

"They're called candy canes, not Anikin's."

"Your goal should not be to see how sharp and pointy you can make your candy cane. But isn't it a Spear-mint dad?"

"I know you're wearing snow pants and boots, but it would be wise to wear pants and socks under them instead of shorts and bare feet."

"A bus is not a shoe."

"We don't wear boxes on our butts."

"If you close your eyes and your mouth at the same time, you will fall asleep."

"Bottles of AXE should not be kicked or thrown down the stairs. They do explode on contact and they are NOT good room fresheners."

"Mickey Mouse Club House on two TV's at the same time is way too much mouse for this house."

Other crazy goings on. I'll be giving The Littlest Mr. a Kool-Aid dye job on his hair for the holiday break. He's a rebel at heart and just can't resist.

Last night The Mr. and I were cracking ourselves up with the endless possibilities of combined reality shows.

Bobby Flay Throwdown with L.A. Ink...Tattoo Throwdown

Dinner Impossible with Deadliest Catch...Chef Irvine on deck or in the ocean?

Real Housewives of Any County with Dirty Jobs...oh wait, that IS reality!

I wish I could remember them all. We were laughing just too hard last night.

Yeah, we're like that around here. We all think we're real funny. Even The Littlest Mr. was lamenting about his lack of friends over at school. "Mom, I'm so funny and they're just not laughing...unless I do like the fall down kind of funny, but I'm a word kind of funny mom."

Man, do I know what he's saying. I always think I'm tears rolling down my face funny and most people just give me this sort of strange glance, like they're thinking maybe I missed a dose of my meds or something. Oh well.

Back to finishing the last of the to do lists.

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Debbie said...

I do love the new snowfall. It was all starting to look so dirty. I don't like when the snow looks so dirty. My kids love the snow as they love to play in it - snowball fights are great fun. Sledding is a must do! Keeps those active boys of mine busy shoveling. And I can stay in and have a warm cup of tea. :)