Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I want to write you all some wonderful post holiday post and relive all sorts of wonderful holiday moments, but somehow my heart isn't in it this morning.

We've been having a holiday of ups and downs.

On one hand, we're thrilled to again be God's tool. We're blessed beyond measure to be able to open our home and welcome in our niece's and nephew's to stay, but we are burdened with heavy hearts too. We'd love it to be just a fun visit, instead we're all waiting. Waiting to see what Drew's little body will do. Waiting to see what magic the doctors can pull out of their sterile halls. Waiting on God.

The kids all love being together and so do the adults. We always have good times, lots of laughter and lots of fun. And we still are. But it's a little tainted, no matter which way you look at it.

So I'd love to be telling you it's been all cookies and parties, wonderful presents and happy gatherings. But it hasn't. We have had those things, but we've all had our private moments of wondering and waiting on God. We've had those tugs on our hearts that just leave you a little speechless and breathless.

At some point it will resolve. God will do something. God is doing something, it's just that we don't see what it is and the parts we are seeing, we're having a hard time loving.

Say an extra prayer for Andrew and his family. Hug your kids a couple of seconds longer and a little bit harder. Whisper you them one more time, in their ears after they're asleep just because.

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