Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Let's see, a few days ago I was thinking of doing a 2009 recap, but it just lost it's luster. I figured if I wasn't that motivated to back track through last year's posts to find out what I was doing then you weren't all the interested either.

I made it only part way through January. Yeah, I know, oooh look, shiny, squirrel, what was I talking about?

It would seem last January we were just starting to get jazzed up about a trail for Little Miss. We were getting hopeful that 2009 would be the year of adoption.

It wasn't.

But, we did finally, in late December, get our adoption date for Little Miss.

Mark your calendars, February 23 will be a party day.

So here we are in 2010 and the insanity begins.

First we have the two Little Mr.'s arguing about how to say 2010. One says twenty ten. The other insists it's two thousand and ten. I's going to be a long year!

January finds us crazy busy. Or at least each crazy busy in our own realms. The Mr. has a big client that wants their job done by the end of January. Not a big deal, except it means weekly trips to the east coast. Almost forgot, The Mr. got a promotion...insert laughter fanfare...he has a new title! No office. No raise. No extra vacation or benefit or bonus. He's still in the same old cube with no staff and keeping most of his office in his trunk, but, he's got a new title. See, it's going to be a silly year. Back to him traveling. It means I can tell you exactly when my kids will have the most rehearsals, practices and parent meetings. It also means I can tell you what dates we will have large snow falls and when various critical things around the house will stop working. Oh yeah, it will also be when the kids get sick and foster care goes mental.

Both boys were actually not the norm at all and were super thrilled to return to school after break. They have been relaxed and sleeping well, cooperating and generally behaving themselves. There's a lot to be said for the comforts of routines.

Little Miss is finally healthy and back to school. Thanks to some nasty green booger virus she missed nearly two weeks of school before break. Let's just say everyone was thankful to see the school bus on Monday afternoon.

Choir is going along for Little Mr. at it's normal insane pace. The regular practices and concerts just aren't enough. We're in yet another "special" choir thing that means hours of extra practicing and a weekend trip to Eau Claire. The Mr. and Little Mr. will go it alone and make it a man trip.

I'm sure that will be some weekend, especially with The Mr. traveling every week.

Next we have the start up of UpWord Basketball for The Littlest Mr. It's a great program and he loves it. It is like any other sport though, weekly practices and weekend games.

We're also going to try hard to make our way back to Tae Kwon Do. It's all benefit and I just need to make sure it's happening. I may even try to drag my own butt back into class. We'll see how that all works out.

This is the part where I whine for a second.

Way back when, a whole life time ago, The Mr. travelled a lot for business. Back in the magical days (note sarcasm here) of Arthur Andersen, we had a season of travel that was, um, shall we say intense? Wait, most of life with AA was intense. It was positive too, don't get me wrong. It's like anything else in your life, a part of the experiences that make you who you are at the current moment. So anyway, he travelled. A ton. It often meant him leaving on a Sunday or before daylight on Monday and returning on the last Friday flight. Quite often, he left the country too.

At the end of those years, I had one little baby. And I whined. A lot. That this whole single parent thing sucked. It was too hard. I didn't like it.

So I've learned and grown over the years and learned it had a lot more to do with me being lazy and selfish, but now, 10+ years later and 4 kids to drag around town, I'm still not loving it. And now I see myself a little more clearly and I don't love that lazy selfish side either.

I don't love having to be the sole grown up doing bed times and bath times. I don't love being the only one around to do all the dishes and feed the dog and take out the trash. I don't love making my own coffee. Although, The Mr. really loves me. He premeasures out each day's coffee for me when he travels. All I have to do is remember to put the pot together before I go to bed. (I make the worst coffee and yes, I can follow directions.) I find I especially don't love doing all the driving around at night in the cold to get to and from all the practices and rehearsals. When The Mr. is around I usually just do half. I take the kids to their things and get them dropped off, then he picks them up on his way back from the office. See, I'm lazy.

Well, lazy is about to bite me in the butt. I have kids to wash and dress, dishes to wash, laundry to wash, rooms to pick up and clean...hmmm, I'm sensing a theme here for today.

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