Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm Back

Well since the last time I was here a lot has gone on. Nothing major, but since this is my blog and my life I'll be filling you in on it all anyway.

It all started with the coffee pot. I was in my little funk and then the silly coffee pot stopped working. So off I went to Target and got another one. Less frills, more cups per pot and less dollars than the last one. We'll see how long it works. Whatever. It does what it's supposed to. It's not flashy or anything like that, but when I come shuffling down the stairs in the morning, the pot is full of nice black coffee, so we're all good.

The next day the lap top died. The hard drive went mere days after the warranty expired. I'd love to know how they make those things to last only just about 372 days or so. Nothing really catastrophic but I did loose a whole years worth of photos. It's my own fault really. I've been lazy about backing them up to CD and well, now I'm paying the price. And for those of you around me, sorry I was a little cranky about that whole thing.

In the space I managed to paint one of our bathrooms. I put up new fixtures, one of which the kids have broken off the wall, not once, but twice already, leaving me with a nice hole in the wall. Now I'll be fixing that and trying to find a solution to attaching this tp holder to the wall in a way that it actually stays on the wall. Kids.

I also have to make yet another trip to the hardware store because I bought the wrong toilet seats again, not once, but twice already. Guess it really does pay to do that measuring thing before you shop. Sigh. Who knew there were so many types or sizes of seats. I thought a toilet was a toilet. Shows what I know. Or at least what I care to know details about.

Yesterday I moved all the furniture in my living room including the piano and sleeper sofa. Then I put on the paint. Beige. I know, shocking.

I am learning that there really is no such thing as one coat paint. The dining room really should have had a second coat of the brown, but I left it a little blotchy. It looks a little more interesting that way. That's my excuse for the bathroom too, in case any of you are wondering. The blue I gave in and did two coats. This beige over white? Same thing. Needs two coats.

I'm really not excited about doing two coats, but that seems like what I'll be doing this afternoon.

I also let everyone talk me into restarting over at J.K. Lee. Believe it or not, I took my first Tae Kwon Do class last night, well, the first one in about a year. Sad to say, I've forgotten almost everything I had sort of learned and spent part of the time feeling like I was a first timer in a step aerobics class! But, this morning I'm pretty happy to say I'm only sore in a few spots.

I did realize a few things though. Sit ups are evil. And so are push ups. No doubt. Evil. I also realized that nothing about me "jumps or bounces". The bounce and kick episode of the night was not pretty. Good thing they let the white belts hang out in the back!!

Oh, I almost forgot. In the middle of all that, on the weekend The Mr. and The Little Mr. took a trek to Eau Claire for a choir thing. They had a blast. The rest of the kids went to the cousins for the day. I went out to my grandpa's house and spent a little time helping to sort the stuff. It's a job and will take a while, but not disastrous and certainly do-able.

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Jackie said...

Love your post--I see you've learned how to do things like me. :) Funny how we become experts at things because of the mistakes/trial and errors we make. However, once a job is completed our accomplishments definitely outweigh the dumb moments we have (like not measuring etc..) The same goes for the photo issue. We get mad for loosing all those photo's (which is a totally understandable mood), but yet we learned when God sends that message to back up our files we should listen sooner.

I also love your computer statement. How do they make things last only that long? Same thing always happens to us and we are mad we need to replace it. Guess we should be thankful we had it as long as we did.