Monday, February 8, 2010

BREAKING NEWS & Weekend Updates



Here's the info, please feel free to join us for either or both.

The actual adoption will take place at the Milwaukee Children's Court, right over by Children's Hospital, at 10:AM on 2/23/10. Be forewarned, parking there is a nightmare and you must go through a metal detector to enter the court house. Go in to the left and either look for us, or ask at the first window, what branch we're at and they'll give you directions.

We're having an open house to celebrate Little Miss officially becoming one of us. That will be at our home on 2/27/10 from 1-7PM. Light snacks. Please come by and celebrate with us.

You have all been an important part of our journey these past 3 years and we'd love to share some smiles, cake and joy with you.

General Weekend News

We had a wonderful time being a family of 8. Yup. You read that right. We did some respite this weekend for 5 year old twins. It was good fun. No disasters and lots of laughter. Friday night was a fun dinner of hot dogs and fries while we waited for The Mr. to make it back. More on that story in a minute. Saturday morning found the boy bunch heading over to church for some Upword Basketball. The ladies went over to church too, but we had a very fun Valentine's Party. The afternoon was filled with fun playing with the kids new game table. Pool was the most popular game by far. Sunday found us loading up the big van and getting on the road by 8:30 to make it down to Willow Creek Church on time. Our nephew was dedicated and the service had the added bonus of guest speaker Dr. Henry Cloud speaking on parenting. Add in awesome worship and killer cake and a wonderful day was had by all. Once home we had a pizza party picnic and caught part of the Super Bowl before the kids started crashing. By 8, 5 out of 6 were asleep. Just Little One hung on for his late night mama cuddles. My biggest kids were asleep by 7 and 7:30. Nice!!

Now, as for The Mr. getting home on Friday, well that was a trip he'll never forget. He was in the front car on the Hiawatha train coming out of Chicago that hit and killed at least one person. I am not sure of the current status of the second person. It meant a lengthy delay. Say a little prayer for the families of the victims as well as all the passengers and train personal that are trying to process and make sense out of what they experienced. Yucky barely describes it.

Well, I'm off to collect all the twins stuff from all around the house and begin making arrangements for parties.

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Chris P said...

Glad to hear the news on the paperwork!!

As for Bill's ride home, it was an 18 year old boy from Lake Forest Academy that was killed, and a 19 yr.old girl that was with him. She had only minor injuries, but the paper said it looked to be accidental. So sad!