Friday, February 5, 2010

Fab Feb Fri 5 Fun

Okay, can't sit around in a funk about the missing document, so I'm going to ignore it and trust that God will work out this crazy adoption at some point in my lifetime.

We're going to play a game today instead. Just like those wonderful Friday Five questions you can find out there on the web in blog-land, we're going to have questions and you're going to answer them, plus add a question or two of your own.

1. What household chore or task to you feel the most satisfaction, relief or accomplishment when it's finished?

2. Which old TV show or series is your guilty pleasure? It can even be a kids show.

3. Do you have a goal you're trying to accomplish this year, and what is it?

4. What food says romance or Valentine's Day to you?

5. Did you ever write love letters or notes of some kind (on paper) and have you kept them?

Because it's a Friday 5, I'll post my answers after the first 5 comments in the box.

Ready, set, go!

Big News!!
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Angie said...

1. Cleaning my bedroom. It is the most neglected since we are the only two that go in there.

2. Recently in would be the Secret Life ... something rather.

3. I would just like to enjoy the moment right now. Life has been a huge change with the twins.

4. Sushi

5. Yes. I have a love note that Peter wrote me from before we were married. Although, this has given me the idea to write a new love note to him for Valentine's Day. =)

Tracy said...

1. My greatest relief is in the 6.34 seconds that any room stays clean after I clean it.

2. I love to watch old episodes of MacGuyver...he's so handy!

3. My goal this year is to learn more about how to love like Jesus does. Sooooooooooo hard.

4. Fondue!!

5. Donnie and I each have whole boxes of them from college :-)