Monday, February 1, 2010

It's Typical

This is the sort of stuff that always happens to me because I don't manage my time wisely and because I like to put my head in the sand and ignore the obvious, especially if it involves work.

So I've been happily painting along making my walls all pretty and nice, ignoring all the things that are creeping up right behind me.

Like the adoption party for example. Good thing I'm a low key sort of chick. This won't be much of a fiesta, but on the other hand, life over here in my house is a party all the time!

I've also been ignoring the obvious when it comes to some of our foster care life. See back in the fall we remodeled. Remember? I told you all about the big digger that ate my front yard and the two guys armed with a sledge hammer and a saw who made large holes in the foundation of my house and then a day later, they were beautiful windows? Well, if you don't, that was the recap. Wild, huh? I thought so too.

Well, part of the point of that, was that we'd be able to re-up our license so to speak and then be able to take a few more kids, namely Little One's siblings. No one knows what is going to be the out come of the siblings, least of all me, but I've been lazy about getting that inspection done.

Mostly because our inspection woman is really, really nit-picky. She infamous for walking through a home and saying it isn't clean enough, really that translates to, it's not organized to my standard or I believe you have too much clutter. She even once had the nerve to tell me to clean my room. Ahem.

So anyway, I've put off, clearing out my house in a way that would meet her lofty standards to get my license redone. Time has a way a pushing those issues though and I really have to just bite the bullet and make it happen.

The thing is though, it's the same sort of clean you do to sell your home. You know, the one. Every spare everything gets given away, sold or tossed. It's a pain. Especially, as a foster parent when you are sort of always trying to keep some stuff in the event of the next unplanned kid.

Now, I know, if I just have it all organized, then it's not that much of a big deal. I can still have most of my stuff, but it just looks nicer.

And this is my excuse talking here, but I'm still recovering from a few years of home school. That, to me, makes a mess. I have all sorts of things saved all over the place thinking we're going to use them for school. Well, now that's not the thing we're doing right now, so some of that stuff can go. But it's like there is a back log of sorting and dumping to have happen. And I'm not really breaking down the door to get it done.

There is a part of me that thinks maybe I could just open the door and let people walk through, take what they want and offer me a few bucks. Wouldn't that be easier?

Yeah, I guess not.

In the mean time, I'm still having a little fall out from the flu. First The Mr. got it, then me. I thought I had snuck through with just having a sort of cold and sinus type thing, but no, the vomit virus struck, too. Let's just say it's been a week and I still have sore muscles from it. I'm better, but not back to myself. I just haven't been able to sleep well, those sore muscles and now I have a bit of vertigo. Annoying. I don't like things that linger. I'd rather be really sick and then bounce back to full form.

Plus, it was a hurtful way to break the caffeine addiction. I still can't even stomach much more than a half cup of joe. Sad. Sad. Sad. And no Diet Coke at all.

I'll be heading back to my glass of water now and by nap time, down to the basement as well.

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Debbie said...

Keep moving in a straight line and pretend your muscles hurt from a fabulous workout. Or fabulous ...whatever. Smile!