Monday, February 15, 2010

My Funny Valentine

Let's just state it for the record up front, The Mr. and I crack each other up. And not a little bit either.

Unfortunatly for the rest of the world, we pretty much only crack each other up.

Oh well.

So today I've been reading little snipits of friends Valentine's Day stories. There were touching romantics like the blind date that became a lasting marriage, interestingly enough my parents are a couple like that. There were tales of one person getting just the perfect gift for the other and then the other having "forgotten" to do anything. There were special notes spray painted in the snow, the requisite flowers, cards and candies. There were movies and dinners and the special dates. There were my single friends who affirmed themselves by being extra good to themselves on this day of love. There were others who marveled at the love given us by our God. There were hand made misspelled crayon constrution paper loves passed around and hugs and kisses. There were those long held loves that paused for a moment to see those never ending tiny shows of love both through acts and through self-control. You know what I mean, the person who does one extra thing in kindness for the other or the person who doesn't say I told you so, no matter how much the other person had it coming.

Those are all delightful and real.

Over here, we're a little off.

In a good sort of way.

I'll leave you some pictures of the Valentine's The Mr. and I exchanged this year.

This would be the half dozen red from The Mr.

This would be this years Manly-tine.

Oh and just in case you were wondering, I'm still making those desserts we all love over here. The ones called Failed Treats. I'm sure you know about those. They taste great, but look like, well this.

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