Thursday, July 15, 2010

Censored Court Details

I'm trying to write you the most generic update so as not to violate any rules and yet let you know what is happening.

A certain small person will not be moving as quickly as we were led to believe.

In foster care there are multiple parties that are allowed a "vote" so to speak in the outcome of the total process. One party, that we assumed was very much in the know about what could and would be done legally, told us to prepare for a quick move. Another party gave indicators that things would also go in that direction.

Today, one party recommended a guardianship option with extended family. Another party recommended continued/renewed efforts toward reunification with one/both birth parents, with guardianship as the next alternative.

That said, our family adopting said little person and/or any siblings remains a very unlikely and remote option.

So the many different visitations with all the varying parties involved will continue and perhaps increase as the weeks progress, but the child will continue to live here until a judge rules otherwise.

Almost makes you want to see it in document form with all the black outs, doesn't it?

It's a fun ride, friends and it's far from over. It's that thing I was talking about the other day, just when I think I know something, it's all gray instead of black and white.


Elise said...

For all intents and purposes this is YOUR child. They should do what is bestf or him and let you adopt him. The others are not family jsut becuse of dropping of dna. That is not wht mkes you a parent.I will pray for an out come that is best for your little sweethert.

Mandy said...

It must be absolutely maddening to sit and listen to them call someone his "family" and know they in no way mean you. This is what's so broken in the system.. it's all about what the ADULTS want and not what's ultimately best for the child.