Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sound Bites

Things you might just hear in and around our house.

"Chicken cereal?"
"Kicken, kicken, kicken!" (Little One)
Looking into the cereal cabinet, "Oh, corn flakes, chicken on the box, got it."

"No cleats on the kitchen table."

"Mommy, why is Lady a dog?"
"mmm, because God made her a dog" mumbled while brushing teeth & half awake
"well, God's wrong, Lady is supposed to be a cat." stated with absolute authority, and then she walks away.

"Chop sticks are not magic wands."

"Do NOT leave your jock on the kitchen table!"

"It's too dark to sleep."

"If I eat my lunch at breakfast, can I have my after lunch Popsicle right away?" asked at 7AM.

"The sooner you learn that life's not fair and accept that to be true, the easier your life will be."

"What is that smell?" asked with horror after football practice. I seriously believed I wouldn't smell that until I had an official teenage boy in the house. I was completely unprepared for 8 year old tackle football. Let's just say we've bought a lot of deodorant and deodorant soap in the last week here at our house.

"I'll pay you to carry my drums up and down the stairs every day." one brother to the other.

"Dogs don't like coffee, but mom's do."