Sunday, August 15, 2010

Starting To Process Summer Camp

Well, last week we did it all. Or at least most of the kids did most everything. There was fishing and swimming and crafts. Songs and VBS and rock walls. There were bird houses to build and horses to ride. Laughter and tears were shared all around. And chocolates and doughnuts. We came to attention in the barn and feasted our eyes on some "candy". We ate pizza and played video games. The Brewer's played some extra innings. Football equipment was picked up and baseball teams formed. A canoe went down the river and some trap shooting happened. New friends were made and last years acquaintances became fast friends. There were hands on prayers, teary devotions and chocolate almonds. We had sweltering, humid air; biting flies, and the time of our lives seeing our kids fit in.

I, myself, am still processing this summers camp. I have moments, when I wonder if we should be at camp. Really. We are blessed. Our special needs kids are mercifully quite mild in their needs and "afflictions". Depending on the season of our life, they "pass for normal". That said, one of my kiddos fully embraced the opportunity to "relax" this week. In fact, we're being blessed with some new and pronounced tics. There is a sigh of relief, a lifted weight, that goes hand in hand with seeing your child have an opportunity to be themselves and be totally accepted and considered normal.

But now, with school right around the corner and new tics popping up and some one's guard down, I'm getting a little suspicious about the new school year. I will not worry. I've done that Bible study years ago and got the refresher course this summer. I will, however, keep my eyes open and watch carefully what happens and doesn't happen as school gets going. In the past we've slid under the radar when it comes to labels, but this might be the year we end up labeled and programed. We'll see.

The rest of life continues to be it's normal crazy up and down. I'll spare you the details for now, but know without a doubt, this is the fun house.


Mandy said...

I'm so glad you all had so much fun at camp! We've never done a summer camp before... maybe next year!

School starting always comes with a mixure of excitement and worry for me, too. Just have to take it one day at a time!

Mandy said...
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