Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Looked Out The Window And I Saw...

Seriously, I know what needs to be done.

Just back away from the windows.

Stop watching.

Get busy and be productive. At something. Anything.

Just walk away.

But really?

It's a spectacle out there. Just outside my window.

I have neighbors. All around me.

Sometimes they are better entertainment than you can ask for.

Let me paint you a few snap shots of the fun going on around these parts.

One neighbor is working hard to kill a ground hive with a bath towel, a broom and single can of foamy bee killer bug spray. I can hardly look away.

I confess. It's a sickness. Amusing and disturbing all at once. I just keep thinking am I going to end up calling an EMT for this guy after the hive gets him or should I just whip out my VISA and call an exterminator for the benefit of my kids.

One of my perfectly delightfully wonderful neighbors is getting ready to move, so their house is on the market. I was absolutely creeped out by the man that drove by the house 3 times before taking the for sale flyer. Then he repeated the drive by's. Uber creepy. Stalker creepy. Probably my new neighbor.

Another neighbor has a lot of free time. Long since retired. There is a perpetual and endless rotation of lawn mowing, garage cleaning and car washing. Often all in the same morning. I almost wish he'd take up washing my bus and mowing my lawn, but I just don't think I could take the pressure.

Another neighbor is having a garage sale. Nothing unusual there. Or is there? I wouldn't have given it a second thought, those happen all the time around here, but...

I noticed a few weeks ago that a garage sale was looming. Why? Because at least twice, I saw everything get moved out of the garage out onto tables on the driveway and yard. I saw people stopping by and thought it was the actual rummage sale, except that it was a strange day and time for a sale. Then a few hours later it would all be back in the garage and the door down.

Unusual? I thought maybe so, but on the other hand, we're a pretty weird family, we're on the go all the time and I don't pay a lot of attention to passing details.

This morning the garage door went up and I thought the sale was happening. Then it went down. Then up again, but nothing came out and my neighbor stood around in the front with her puppy. Unusual. Then the stuff started to move out onto the driveway, but not the same stuff I saw before.

The best I can describe is that it looks like an antique store was pushed into her garage.

And rummage sales bring interesting people into your neighborhood. I don't have any idea how this one was advertised, but we're seeing some really interesting shoppers.

All this said, makes it sound like I live in Strange-ville, but really, I have some of the greatest neighbors going. They're all wonderful and they do a great job of liking us in spite of all our crazy and quirks, so I got nothing.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad fb wasn't around when we lived across the street! LOL

Jen said...

Ha, Ha, Ha! And then, there was this neighbor across the street, we would stand on our front steps, talking to each other on our cordless phones when our babies were sleeping...oh yeah

Michelle said...

This blog makes me wonder if one of our neighbors has a blog somewhere about us and all the strange things they see. The first week Braeden was placed with us, he was 3 1/2, and he went around and took all the neighbor's mail out of their boxes. I don't think they have liked us since that day! LOL

Jen said...

Oh, I can only imagine...something about a little girl standng on the front step with her nighty up over her head...or little boys having light saber duels with hockey sticks...or, wow, so many crazy episodes...wish I could read that blog!!