Thursday, September 2, 2010

School. Day Two

Just after lunch today the phone rang. Caller ID said XYZ school district. Instantly it seemed like a call to answer.

Now, with Little Mr. being one of my kids and him having, um, issues, I just assume that when I get calls they'll involve him.

Imagine my surprise when the nice lady voice on the other end said, "Hi, this is principal Suzy from Littlest Mr.'s elementary school."

I'm so bad. I started laughing and said, "Yes?"

In my mind I'm thinking, really??? Come on!!! It hasn't even been two full days yet!!

It turns out that kick ball is a whole lot more competitive than I remember it being. Or maybe I just don't remember being a 3rd grade boy.

Either way, I'm a little happy to be on the "victim" end of all this.

It seems Mr. Jock, I mean Littlest Mr., got the boy out and this upset him a bit. Instead of calling my son a #$%&* or anything like that, he just hauled off and gave him a big old bite. Littlest Mr. though, was unfazed. He didn't cry or fuss about it all. He finished out the game and the recess and then took the ice pack at the nurses insistence.

Our new chipper lady principal wanted to call ahead and give me the heads up before L.M. gets home from school. She also wanted me to know that things with the biter were being, "addressed and handled", whatever that means.

I had a little bit of relief knowing it wasn't the child that has been a thorn in someones side for the last 2 years and that all these years of being the middle child between the Ausperger and the Fosters with "issues" that he was able to take the whole thing in stride and shake it off.


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