Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another Year Older, And A New One's Just Begun

The Mr. and all The Littles did their very best to spoil me yesterday.

I took myself shopping.


There is something almost soothing about shopping for shoes without kids. I did also wander the isles of Target aimlessly, well, maybe not entirely aimlessly, for a while. And there is just something about being the mom, even though I was out having a a little time to myself, I still managed to pick up some needed things for the rest of the family.

I did find a wonderful new purse and wallet. It was time. The wallet I had been using was actually older than my oldest child. Besides the new stuff, is purple. Like eggplant purple.

I came home to find sweet homemade cards and my favorite junk pizza on it's way. They also surprized me with a purple iPod. A fancier one than I bought for my kiddo, so I've had a much easier time using it.

Somehow, laundry was a lot more satisfing while listening to podcast sermons and great audio books.

Otherwise, nothing new around these parts. I plan to enjoy the last year of being in my 30's just as much as all the other years. Then, I'm going to enjoy the 40's.


Karies place said...

40's are great! :)

Tricia said...

Happy Happy Birthday