Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Short & Dirty

Followed later by the long and poetic...or at least readable!

Ah, my friends, what can I say?

The court has all but ruled officially. Little One will have a homecoming of sorts. In just a few weeks, I believe.

I'm going to look at it as a good thing.

A family reunited.

I said from the start this was God's story to write. Believe me, I informed Him of what I thought the ending should be, but somehow, I don't have the editorial pen.

In thinking and just living the last few weeks, I've written reams in my mind of the journey I've been on and what I've learned from Little Miss and in turn, Little One.

Those stories will come, in time.

In the mean time, even though I might say a teary good bye in the future, I'm praising God for a family reunified.