Saturday, October 9, 2010

Two Sides To Every Coin

Well, there it is. There are two sides to every coin. And so it is with life. Or at least that's how is seems to be with my life.

On the heads side of my coin I can say I am looking forward to court on Monday.


Yeah. You heard me. I'm looking forward to court. I am certain that God is moving and something is going to happen. I'm betting that by the middle of next week there will really be some story to tell.

On the tails side of the coin is some hard life stuff. And I'm hoping we're taking it head on with a measure of grace.

At this point most of the world (and even us to a small degree) recognize that by all accounts of worldly things, these should be our last few days and nights with Little One. We're doing our very best to fill them with all things both normal and fun for our family. Plus we're taking pictures. (I've now lost almost all of my photos of Little One and all the movies thanks to not one, but two bad hard drives in the last 18 months. I know, I know, Shutter fly, Photo bucket. I get it.)

We did our regular Friday night family night. Taco dinner and cuddle baseball bed times. Little One has been very reluctant to sleep these last few nights and has had several hours extra cuddle time with just The Mr.

Today we did a lot. Our morning started out the way it always does. A request for a brown pop tart and an episode of Mickey Mouse Club House. I had coffee and newspaper. We played outside and Little One made himself into a spectacular mess. First let Little Miss dump bubble stuff on me, then roll in dirt, then when no one's looking play in the garden hose. Next I get a bonus shower when daddy sees how messy I am!

Then we picked up one of our favorite families and went to pick out pumpkins. It was quite an adventure with 7 kids. The whole bus was full of kids and pumpkins. Then we had a very fun dinner out.

Most of the kids went right to sleep. Little One...not so much.

But it was okay. It was my chance to say everything there was to say.

It's strange, but we're content. We've done all that we needed to do. We've done all we were asked to do.

His bags are all packed.

The photos are taken.

We've said our good-bye's.

We're ready to let him go.


God is my wild card.

So I'm ready, but ever expecting.