Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Reflected

So the Christmas morning frenzy is finally over. The bags are almost packed and ready to go. One more sleep to Disney.

In between the chaos of over excited kids and vomiting dogs, The Mr. and I tried to steal a moment in front of the tree. You know, just a few minutes between loads of laundry and early bedtimes to reflect on some of the wonders that have been our Christmas so far.

The Mr., a man of very few words, had this to say.

This will be a Christmas I will always remember, very bittersweet.

I'll never forget my last hug from Little One. The way he curled into me, hugged me and pushed into me, like he really meant it. Then he hopped down and ran away, mad, because he knew something was coming.(This was the last time The Mr. and Little One were together.)

Last night, in church, I was thinking about God and Jesus. They had to have had a last moment too. You know? Like what was their last embrace like, when God hugs Jesus and says, okay, you have to go now, I'll see you again in 30 odd years.

What was that moment like?

And then I was sitting there, holding Little Miss, now adopted. Ours forever. And us being adopted into God's family. His forever.

Ah, when The Mr. does speak, it's worth listening.


And so, that's one of our Christmas moments this year.

There were many. The reindeer and Santa left glitter all over our house. There were surprises and predicted gifts. We're taking our once in a life time trip to Disney. Little One is now a memory. Miss B. is a deep and lasting part of us. The dog ate the chocolate and we made her puke it up. Nerf guns became a constant factor.

I had many moments that were familiar and new all at once. My family gathering was, in a way, like going home and being little again. We spent Christmas Eve at Grandma's house with family, then went home in the dark, with snow falling. We collected, Miss B., who has fast become a part of us, and headed out to church. It wasn't the Midnight Mass of my girlhood, but it was the quiet and holy I had been searching for.

We saw miracles in the everyday, like dishes washed and decorations put up and rooms cleaned. Hearts softened.

Hope is happening.

Love will follow.

Merry Christmas